Hernán Méndez
Hernán (pronounced: erNAEN) the creative force behind Arrecife Photography, is an Arizona-based photographer dedicated to capturing the breathtaking beauty and diversity of our planet. Born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, Hernán's journey into photography began at the tender age of 12, when his father introduced him to the art through a vintage 35mm Olympus OM-10 film camera. 
With a BA in Industrial Design from Monterrey Tec, Hernán refined his skills in product photography, advanced film photography, and photo editing, further nurturing his passion for visual storytelling. His work is inspired by the masterful storytelling and visuals of legends like David Attenborough and Gavin Thurston, as well as renowned photographers Joel Sartore, Douglas Morley Kirkland, Benny Chan, Hélène Binet, Wayne Thom, and Julius Shulman. 
At Arrecife Photography, Hernán's lens captures the essence of commercial, editorial, and portrait photography, while his heart lies in wildlife, landscape, travel, and astrophotography. As a certified scuba diver with experience in cave diving, Hernán is eager to explore the underwater realms of our planet, and his love for nature and photography drive his business. 
Hernán's photographic bucket list includes remarkable destinations such as Botswana, South Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica, Nepal, India, Australia, and Venezuela, where he hopes to document the wonders of landscape and wildlife. 
Arrecife, the Spanish word for "reef," reflects Hernán's commitment to giving back. A percentage of Arrecife Photography's profits is dedicated to supporting coral reef conservation and nature education efforts. In his downtime, Hernán cherishes moments with his wife and family, indulges in audiobooks, experiments in the kitchen, and enjoys the companionship of his loyal dog, Mitch.

Hernan Mendez

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